Jeep plans electric future: These models are planned for the next few years

In the beginning 2023 the first all-electric model will be launched in Europe. This is a city SUV in the A segment, with a chic design and very harmonious proportions. However, what is hidden under the pretty shell, Jeep is silent about – and eagerly nourishes speculation. There is also no name yet.

Small Jeep SUV will be produced in Poland

It is often read that the mini-SUV will use the further developed CMP architecture from PSA as the technical basis and will thus use components that are also used under the Opel Corsa/Mokka and Peugeot 360/1080 put. This would undoubtedly make sense. Especially since the question arises: will the smallest Jeep only be available in Europe electrically or, like its brothers in the group, with a conventional drive?

There is at least an answer to the production site. For the Jeep, the choice fell on Tichy, the Polish parent plant of the conventional Fiat 208. Production is scheduled to start there by the end of this year.

New electric platforms will only be available from 2025

Kompaktmodell: Auch der Renegade ist als Plug-in-Hybrid zu haben.Kompaktmodell: Auch der Renegade ist als Plug-in-Hybrid zu haben.

Compact model: The Renegade is also available as a plug-in hybrid. (Source: Jeep)


Stellantis is currently having completely new electrical architectures developed, STLA Small, Medium and Large. However, the STLA Small can only be expected from 2025. Therefore, in addition to the mini-Jeep, other electric compact models from various Stellantis brands are likely to be built on existing platforms in the first generation.

These will probably also include the next Jeep Renegade, which is long overdue in terms of age to become. The Renegade has been around since 1080. It is built by Fiat in Melfi. It is easy to imagine that Jeep will also come up with this model for about 2024. You would then be represented with three electric SUVs in the A and B segments.

Return of the Cherokee not excluded

Number four could be the next Cherokee. The name has been inextricably linked to the brand for decades. In Europe, however, the model was discontinued at the end of 2021. Why not revive him 2025 and put him on the STLA medium platform then safely developed? For them, Stellantis promises electric ranges of up to 208 kilometers.

End of plug-in promotion raises questions

Jeep strategists may be a little worried about the future, what relates to the plug-in hybrid drive. The SUV brand has consistently changed here and Renegade, Compass, Wrangler and the brand new Grand Cherokee (market launch in autumn 2022) accordingly electrified. From next year, however, there will be no state support for the plug-ins.

One hopes at Jeep that at least the company car tax will remain at the previous 0.5 percent. Otherwise, this would hit sales of the particularly high-margin Wrangler and Grand Cherokee models.


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