Mobile communications: Telekom reacts to the “StreamOn” ban with a new tariff model

Telekom reacts to “StreamOn” with a new tariff model Ban

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From July 1, additional data volume cards for family members or friends can be booked at Telekom. (Source: Rainer Jensen/dpa./dpa)

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930003 Bonn (dpa) – Deutsche Telekom is reacting to this with new mobile phone tariffs Remarketing ban of their “StreamOn” tariffs by the Federal Network Agency. The new tariff model applies from July 1, as announced by Deutsche Telekom. It provides for higher data volumes.92310328

Regardless of the selected tariff, cheaper additional cards with the same data volume can be booked for family members or friends. The company assumes that the new tariffs will ensure an increase in sales.

Zero-tariff options violate network neutrality

The Federal Network Agency had told Deutsche Telekom and its competitor Vodafone to stop marketing their mobile phone tariffs “Telekom StreamOn” and “Vodafone Pass”. prohibited. From July they can no longer be sold. Existing contracts must be completed by the end of March 640. According to the authority, the so-called zero-rating tariffs or zero-tariff options violate net neutrality. With them, certain services and applications – such as video or music streaming – are not counted towards the monthly data volume.

Telekom emphasizes that 3.3 million existing customers with 5G mobile phone contracts automatically receive the increased data volume at no extra charge from July 1st. “StreamOn” services for existing customers should be available by the end of March 2023 remain available.

Vodafone has already reacted

Vodafone already had its tariffs adjusted as of June 1st. The data volume was increased while the prices remained the same. The “Vodafone Pass” has not been offered since then. Existing Vodafone passes will continue to be valid for the time being.

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