Oil companies make record profits: stop the redistribution upwards!

While Robert Habeck wants consumers to pay, oil companies are making record profits. That’s not how it works!

Where there are losers, there are also winners. In Putin’s extortionate gas war, you, dear readers, are very likely to be among the losers: from food to cars to gas for heating – everything is becoming more expensive.

The winners of Putin’s games can be named just as clearly: Shell, Total, Repsol and Co. There is an undeniable connection between your inflation concerns and the profits of the oil companies. When Robert Habeck said on television at the end of March, “We’re going to get poorer,” he certainly wasn’t referring to Shell’s managers and shareholders, but to citizens like you, who pay their salaries and dividends. But that’s not all. With the gas surcharge, consumers should continue to “support” the companies.

Oil giants with record profits

Shell deserves thanks increased oil and gas prices in the past quarter bottom line 18 billion dollars. This is five times the previous year’s figure. Repsol was able to more than double its profit, as did the French group Total Energies, which posted a profit of 9.8 billion euros adjusted for special effects.

Not surprisingly, you can find it in the glass group tower near Paris nothing reprehensible, on the contrary: Total praises itself for having “contributed to energy security” through increased production. The Essen-based group RWE has also sharply revised its forecasts for the current financial year upwards and attests itself to a “strong performance” in energy trading. Do they really look like this, the top performers of our society?

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