Quiz: Do you know about calories?

Beware of apparently harmless side dishes

Many people also underestimate the calories of starchy side dishes and vegetables. Because if you refine your vegetables with cream or butter, you turn the originally healthy side dish into a calorie bomb. A 450 gram portion of spinach leaves from the freezer has only 115 calories, while creamed spinach has almost 300 kilocalories. 115 grams of carrots provide only 50 kilocalories, the same amount of creamed carrots has twice as much.

It looks similar with fries or potato gratin. If you do without the fat and the sauce and prefer to eat boiled potatoes or puree with your meal, you can save a lot of calories.

Oil: Spray rather than pour

The times when meat had to be fried in plenty of butter and oil are over. Modern, coated pans get by with small amounts of fat. Measure oil for frying with teaspoon or tablespoon. You rarely need more than a tablespoon.

Cooking and baking sprays are also practical for saving fat. Small amounts of oil can be distributed in the pan with the spray bottle. When baking, it is best to line the tray or the tin with baking paper, then you don’t have to grease the tin and save unnecessary calories.

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