Sea trip with scary factor – “Silt”: Deep sea diver experiences dark adventure

“Silt”: deep-sea diver experiences dark adventure

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Schnell weg hier, bevor die riesigen Fischkiefer zuschnappen!.

Get out of here before the giant fish jaws snap shut!. (Source: Fireshine Games/dpa-tmn./dpa)

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930003 Berlin (dpa / tmn) – One or the other water rat has it maybe you’ve already tried it: go diving. Really, with bottle and mask and big fins. But if you swap the swimming pool for the deep sea and bring life-threatening opponents into play, the harmless hobby in “Silt” suddenly becomes a nerve-racking game.

Players and players go as divers into the mysterious depths of the sea. Since hardly any ray of light makes it there, large parts of the screen often remain dark. Often it is only the diver’s headlamp that reveals the black and white hand-drawn worlds.

Caution: Tentacles out of nowhere

But there you will not encounter breathtaking reefs, but rather mysterious figures who are after the diver . Whether it’s monsters with huge teeth, tentacles appearing suddenly, or snake chases, you always have to be prepared for a new threat to suddenly appear out of nowhere. The fish, on the other hand, are friendlier and help in puzzles to pave the way through the seabed.

The story of the game also suits the setting left in the dark. Why the diver finds himself in the depths of the sea remains basically open. But it is precisely this constant uncertainty that makes up the horror factor of the game, because behind every corner there can always be a new, life-threatening monster waiting for you.

The three Hours of “Silt” playtime won’t keep you busy for too long. But if you feel drawn to the mysterious sea world and are not afraid of one or two moments of shock, you should definitely have fun with the deep-sea adventure. “Silt” is available for PC, Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch for around 15 Euro.

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