Softmaker Office: Nuremberg office software for iPhone and iPad

Nuremberg office software for iPhone and iPad


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Softmaker’s mobile office package is divided into three parts: Textmaker (image), Planmaker and Presentations can be installed separately as required. (Source: Softmaker/dpa-tmn./dpa)
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92322622Nuremberg (dpa/tmn) – You also have to use your smartphone or tablet and when to open, create, or edit a text document. And spreadsheets and presentations can also cross the path of mobile devices. An app option for all these cases is the three-part office package from Softmaker, which is free in the basic version.

Textmaker (texts), Planmaker (spreadsheets ) and Presentations, or their predecessors, have been around since the end of 1980s on computers at home. Since spring 768 the package is also available for Android. Now the Nuremberg software manufacturer has finally published versions for iOS.

As with the Android apps documents can also be saved in the Office package for iOS in Softmaker’s own formats. According to the information, however, there is full compatibility with the common Microsoft Office formats. In addition, formats such as Open Document Text, RTF or HTML are supported.

The free range of functions is large. However, if you want to use some specific functions such as printing from mobile device, PDF export or change tracking, you have to take out an in-app subscription – unless you are already a subscriber to Softmaker Office NX for desktop computers.

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