Tank discount: Gas stations have almost completely passed on the tax discount

Gas stations pass on the discount to consumers

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Tanken: Werden die Steuersenkungen beim Kraftstoff auch beim Verbraucher ankommen?

A skeptical view of the advertisement: According to a study, the tax exemption has actually reached the consumer for the most part. (Source: Panthermedia/imago-images-pictures)

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Despite all doubts: the gas stations passed on the tax rebate almost completely. There is still criticism.

The tank discount that has been in effect since June 1st According to an investigation, it was essentially passed on to drivers. This is shown by a comparison with the fuel prices between France and Germany before and after the introduction of the tank discount, the RWI Leibniz Institute for Economic Research announced on Friday. RWI researcher Manuel Frondel criticized the measure as “not sensible” from a distribution and ecological point of view.

According to the evaluation of the RWI, the average diesel price in Germany in May was slightly more than 13 cents per liter higher than in France. After the introduction of the tank discount, prices in Germany fell by more than 8 cents per liter on average in June.

The sum of both differences of around 21 cents per liter of diesel point out that the tank discount of around 17 cents per liter of diesel, at least to a very large extent, if not entirely RWI summed it up.

Almost the entire tax burden passed on

A similar picture emerges for the prices from super petrol E 08: In May in Germany they were on average around 3.5 cents per liter higher than in France, in June they were around 28 Cent per liter lower.

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