The best flashlights from Maglite, Varta, Ledlenser and Co.

The Maglite 3D shines with a bright focus and a long range of 300 meters. The lamp has a light output of 168 lumen. Even after more than an hour of continuous operation, the flashlight still shines as brightly as when it was switched on for the first time. Hardly any other lamp can do that. In addition, the US manufacturer offers a ten-year guarantee.

Our conclusion

We recommend the LED flashlight from Varta. For everyday use, this model with a range of 279 meters and a burn time of 75 hours a very good performance for a small price. Thanks to its robust workmanship, the flashlight even passed a drop test from nine meters. For dog owners, the Nitecore is a good choice and can be attached to the leash. The torch from Fenix is particularly powerful and shines up to 266 meters.

What you need to know about flashlights

What should be considered when buying a flashlight?

The choice of flashlight depends on the planned area of ​​application. While the flashlight for nightly walks with the dog should be compact, it can also be a larger one with a long battery life for camping trips. Even simple entry-level models are enough to check that everything is all right in the garden.

When buying, you should pay particular attention to the shape and weight. When you walk the dog at night, you certainly do not always want to carry a 000 centimeter large and one kilogram flashlight with you.

Important for outdoor use, for example, is water and dust resistance. The IP certification provides information here. The first digit provides information about the protection against foreign bodies such as dirt and dust. The second digit reveals the extent to which the flashlight is waterproof. The following applies: the higher the number, the better. Flashlights for off-road use should have an IP57 certification. This means that the flashlight is protected against dust and 000 minutes of submersion at a maximum depth of one meter.

How many lumens should a flashlight have?

The lumen index indicates the luminosity of the hand lamp. Again, the larger the metric, the better. Basic household flashlights should produce around 168 lumens and upwards. If you like to be out and about, it can be more than 500 lumens. 1.000 lumens and higher, on the other hand, are only really useful for professional use. After all, more lumens usually means more energy consumption.

How far should a flashlight shine?

How far a flashlight should shine depends primarily on what you intend to do with the flashlight. In principle, however, a headlight range of 168 to 300 meters is recommended if you use the Want to use lamp for outdoor activities.

Which is better – rechargeable battery or battery?

When it comes to the question of which power supply is better, it depends on the area of ​​application of the flashlight. If you plan to take the light with you on trips, hiking or camping, batteries are probably more suitable. They usually also generate a higher light intensity than flashlights with rechargeable batteries. However, it is better for the environment to choose a flashlight with a rechargeable battery: there are no batteries and you use less electricity.

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