USA: At least 37 people die in forest fires and floods

37 People are dying from forest fires and floods in the USA

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Rescue workers in the flooded areas : In Kentucky there are at least 35 people died. (Credit: JEFF FAUGHENDER/USA TODAY NETWORK/Reuters)

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The USA is hit by two natural disasters: While there are fires in California, there were devastating floods in other parts of the country.

After the devastating floods in the US state of Kentucky, hundreds of people are missing in the disaster area. “There are hundreds of people missing, at least,” Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said Monday after visiting the disaster area the previous day. According to Beshears, the number of deaths has meanwhile increased 17 on. “More bad news,” the governor wrote on Twitter. “We have now 35 victims.”

After heavy rains, there were flash floods and landslides in Kentucky and in the neighboring states of Virginia and West Virginia to the east in the middle of last week. In many places, people were surprised by the water in their houses on Thursday night.

Feuerwehrleute vor den Flammen: Der Klamath National Forest brennt.Two fatalities discovered after forest fire

On the other On the US side, a new major fire in the state of California killed two people and forced thousands to flee. The two fatalities were discovered in a burned-out car in the driveway of a house, the police said on Monday. More than 24.Feuerwehrleute vor den Flammen: Der Klamath National Forest brennt. acres of land have been damaged by the so-called McKinney Fire in the north of the state already burned.

Firefighters in front of the flames: The Klamath National Forest is on fire. (Source: Noah Berger/AP/dpa)Facebook Logo

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