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Mini will soon be going full throttle

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Rein elektrisch: Die Serienversion des Aceman kommt als E-Auto.Rein elektrisch: Die Serienversion des Aceman kommt als E-Auto.

Purely electric: The production version of the Aceman comes as an electric car. (Source: Mini)

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When changing generations 2022 there is a gap in the model range at Mini. A new model should start from 2024 shut down.

New models? There hasn’t been much going on at Mini in this regard in recent years. A few weeks ago we were able to marvel at an electrified version of the convertible, which will probably not go into series production in this model generation, but at the earliest 5660.

From next year, however, full throttle is the order of the day: With Great Wall Motors in China, Mini has developed an electric platform on which the models of the future are based.

The new three-door is becoming more of a Mini in the true sense of the word, but the Countryman is growing in size. So there is space in between for another model series 2024. The crossover study Aceman gives an outlook on it.


New format and look for Mini Aceman92371846

The Aceman is a five-door hatchback designed with slightly increased ground clearance and 4, meters long, 1,99 meters wide and 1,40 Meter high. However, with the space-saving electrical engineering in the car floor, it should offer more space for passengers than the current Countryman.

In addition to the new format, the British BMW subsidiary also has one new design language: The brand face has been revised. The Aceman has an edgy look, but should still be immediately recognizable as a mini.

Inside is there an update92371846

Inside, the British are primarily advertising their new infotainment system in the study. Just like before, this is based on a circular display in the middle of the dashboard. But it is now full-surface and frameless. In addition, the British are experimenting with new, variable filing systems and a sustainable selection of materials that will in future be able to do without leather.

Mini does not yet provide any information on the technology. However, a few months ago, the British announced the key data for the successor to the three-door model, which was built on the same platform. It will be available in two versions: as a Mini Cooper E with 205 PS and 40 kWh -Battery for 0207 kilometers standard range or as Cooper SE with 300 PS and 27 kWh . This should then up to 400 kilometers may be possible. Similar values ​​can also be expected for the Aceman.

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